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Melon booooooooooooks!!! consignment saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale!! The first victory in consignment! Ha! I got accepted for the first time! I asked for a booth at M3. Instant OK, instant delivery, the staff said "Yes, sir." What the hell is this? It was so easy, it was almost unbelievable. What's with the losing streak so far? Has the buyer's policy changed? But... I was honestly happy to have been accepted. After a while, I went out to Akihabara in high spirits. I went to the doujin music corner to enjoy our new album. But no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find it. I couldn't help but ask the clerk. He searched on his PC and said "Oh, it's only available by mail order. That's not good enough. That's not good enough. It was lined up with CDs from major clubs. We have to be able to take a picture of it and post it on social media and brag about it. Our vanity won't be satisfied and we'll just wander around.  The soul of a doujin can't go to heaven. Okay, then... I'm going to apply to be the manager of the Melonbooks Akihabara store. I'll fill the shelves as soon as I get down the stairs with new Ochimusya albums. I'll fill the shelves as soon as I get down the stairs with new Ochimusya albums, and make up for the eight consecutive losses.
Even without the cauldron, two vermillion is cheap. A man-whore with a night hawk doesn't compare. I'll lick my lips from the teahouse. I'll send a messenger to the inn for young men. Wearing a kimono and clanking geta. I'll have you know that I'll be there. After the shamisen banquet I'm ready to fire, spinning the floor Furisode sleeves fluttering on the folding screen I'm ready to watch the Shudo play. I untied it with spit.  It's the chic scent of toloa mallow. I carefully apply it to my anus. And then the party begins. Don't think you can get away with Doggy Style. Shaved head, skull-fucking. He's even got Gennai-san for a brother. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
Blood Sugar Spike☆Dynamite Tonight, too, I'm eating a lot of rice and noodles. Blood sugar spike☆Dynamite When I get thirsty, I drink a lot of Coke Blood sugar spike☆Dynamite I'm carrying a double burger in both hands Even my hemoglobin is dynamite I'm going to eat a lot of food and pass out and say goodbye. (1, 2, 12 diabetes) I'm going blind, dialysis, gangrene in my feet, complications galore. I'm a Type II, and I've got nothing to lose. I'll have a big bowl of beef for lunch and fall asleep in the afternoon. But my blood sugar's fluctuating wildly, and I'm way off the rails. Kidney failure! Blood sugar spike dynamite! Arteriosclerosis is killing my spleen. Blood sugar spike dynamite! My cortisol is crying. Blood sugar spike ☆ Dynamite I refuse to take the glucose test. I don't care if I have no symptoms. I don't have any symptoms, so what do I care? Let me explain! What is a blood sugar spike? A blood glucose spike occurs when you consume a food that contains carbohydrates, mainly carbohydrates. It is a phenomenon in which the blood glucose level rises rapidly after eating and then drops rapidly afterwards. When blood glucose levels fluctuate rapidly, blood vessels can be damaged, leading to This can lead to heart disease, stroke, cerebral infarction, and other diseases. (Myocardial infarction arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction arteriosclerosis) Angina pectoris! (Cerebral hemorrhage stroke, cerebral hemorrhage stroke, cerebral hemorrhage stroke) Cerebral infarction! (Glaucoma, cataracts, glaucoma, cataracts, glaucoma, cataracts) Neuropathy! (Numbness of limbs and diarrhea constipation, Numbness of limbs and diarrhea constipation, Numbness of limbs and diarrhea constipation) I want you to eat Hawaiian pancakes with my urine poured over the cream!
Tr.04 I can't say that innocently. I'm gay. You're gay. He's gay, That guy is gay, too. LGBTQIA There's a lot to be said for gender. It's a grindcore cliché.  You can't just dismiss everything as gay. If we don't attack, we don't get anywhere. We have to have a meta-venger. Don't take away our wings with diversity Please don't take away our wings. Homophobia. Or misogyny. Forever, world. We don't understand each other. Gender equality and gender identity SDGs and all-out efforts To protect the rights of minorities Society is moving to protect the rights of minorities, but When equality is achieved in this world What should we sing? Yoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! I'm gay, you're gay, you're gay I'm gay, you're gay He's gay, he's gay, he's gay We know that the type of entertainment that discrimination and prejudice create I know that the type of entertainment that discrimination and prejudice creates is already outdated. The innocent laughter that brings up taboo words should be shunned. But if Dr. Seth Putnam were alive today. What would he lament?
If you want to take the high road, go with sildenafil.  Tadalafil, also known as Asuka.  Udenafil from Korea.  I want my manhood back. Aging, stress, high blood pressure. I can think of many reasons. I can think of a million reasons, but I'm forty years old. Let's get back to the science here. My whole life has been a downward spiral. I don't have the strength, I don't have the energy. The autonomic nervous system is useless. I can't work, my corpus cavernosum. Go! I haven't even watched a pornographic movie in a while. I realize I haven't held a hand in half a month I'm out of testosterone. I'm going to swallow a pill and give it a shot. Erection failure. I can't get an erection. I can't get an erection. Erection Day by day. Attention all teenagers and two-dimensional porn kids! In today's society, one in four adult males is said to have moderate or complete ED It is said that one out of four adult men in today's society has moderate or complete ED, erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction! You too will soon become a pathetic middle-aged man who is jealous of the excessive erection and ejaculation depicted in erotic manga and games. You will eventually become a pathetic middle-aged man who is jealous of the excessive erection performances and ejaculation depictions in erotic manga and games! I can't get my cock up. I can't get my cock up. I can't get my cock up. I can't get my cock up. I can't get my cock up. I don't care if it's in front of my wife. I can't get my cock up. Time is running out and the prostitute is laughing. I can't get my cock up. I don't have anything else to do. I can't get my cock up. There's nothing wrong with me. I can't get my cock up. I can't get my cock up. I can't get my cock up. I can't get my cock up. Why did I pay thirty-two thousand yen, including the nomination fee? I'm soaking in despair in a corner of a moldy room. The girl says it's because I happen to be sick. Please don't. Your concern makes me feel even more alone. I try to be a hero, at least in my fiction. I asked her to write in the store's photo diary that she'd had an immoral customer. When I read it on the train on my way home, it said, "I had two great sessions on the mat and two in bed. How sweet. I felt like my heart was going to burst with tenderness. I can't get my cock up. I can't get my cock up. I can't get my cock up. I can't get my cock up......



This is the first original album in 4 years, and the first one in 10 years since KIM's return as a vocalist.
The lyrics are full of expressions of the leader's situation (diabetes, high blood pressure, ED, etc.) as he approaches 40 years of age, and the content is what could be called "life-oriented, status-reporting grindcore" with a touch of melancholy. It is a melancholy content that can be called "grindcore with life and status report.
The song also tells the story of the battle over the consignment of the work to "MelonBooks", which is a standard part of the Fallen Warrior album.
Guitarist Boss, a member of the Ochimusya,is absent due to childcare leave. "Neko-Risu no Necosan" is playing the unique riffs of the Ochimusya with his solid guitar.


released October 25, 2020


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