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堕武者20周年記念作品 ​東方アレンジアルバム デモ盤 Vol​.​2

by Ochimusya+ultraviolence+

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Night after night, I have dreams I can't tell anyone about. My hands are slippery from night sweats, my throat doesn't work well for spitting. I'm awake in the middle of the night and there's nowhere to rest My eyes are dazed from the liquor and the pills, yet my heart is growing cold I'm being chased, I'm being stabbed, I'm being pushed down My nightmares are becoming more and more of a variation Regrets that keep coming back, trauma that keeps digging up The worst bartender in the world is waving his arms I'm trembling on the edge of the bed I hate the second hand that ticks by The sunrise is a confirmation of my despair Until I'm stuck in a prison in perfect circumstances I'll know that my atonement for you is not yet complete 俺は 毎夜毎晩 人には言えない夢を見る 寝汗で 手は滑り 唾を飲む喉はうまく動かない 連鎖する 中途覚醒 安息の場所は何処にもなくて 酒と薬で酔眼朦朧 なのに心は冷えゆくばかりだ 追われ刺されて突き落とされて 変奏ばかり増えていく俺の悪夢 蒸し返す後悔、掘り起こされるトラウマ 最悪のバーテンダーが腕を振るう ベッドの端で震えてる 淡々と進む秒針が憎い 差し込む朝日は絶望の確認だ それでも 華胥の 牢獄から 出られなく なるまでは お前への 贖罪は まだ十分で ないのだと 思う
Burn it. Burn it. Burn it to the heavens Burn it, burn it, burn it Burn it like a wildfire, burn it like a wildfire Malice passed from person to person We're just piecing them together Festivals, fabrications, jealousy, spoofing A fun playground cyber cascade It's a fun playground, a cyber cascade, where sadness and anger are turned into power It's up to you to be positive The blade in your hand can be sharp or not the blade in your hand can be sharp or it can be myoga, depending on your mood The four seasons have long since disappeared In this country of torrential rain and cold waves In this country of torrential rain and cold weather What kind of order do you insist on? Kill, kill, kill. Kill with your hands. Put up your hands. Stab him in the back. Do it. But... We're not gonna touch anything. We'll just dance happily in the background. Endless swirling curiosity and righteous indignation We'll dance it all away and give it to you. Don't you notice the door behind you? You're just a bunch of people spouting abuse They'll lose interest when you're down. They'll disperse to find their next toy The world's infamous dancers On the surface, they're just ordinary With one step, they are the hammer of justice With a single step, they dance for life or death 燃やせ、燃やせ 天まで燃やせ 焚きつけ焚きつけ 燎原火のごとく 燃やせ 人から人へと伝わる悪意 僕らはそれらを繋げてるだけ 祭りに捏造 嫉なりすまし 楽しい遊び場サイバーカスケード 悲しみ怒りを力に変えて 前向きになるもアナタの自由 手にした刃物が鋭利になるか 茗荷になるかはその日の気分 四季なんてとうに失せている 豪雨と寒波のこの国の中で 今更ながらにアナタは一体 何の秩序にこだわるというの? 殺せ、殺せ、 その手で 殺せ 諸手を掲げて 後ろから突き刺せ やれ でも 私ら何にも手をださないよ 後ろで楽しく踊るだけだよ 無限に渦巻く好奇と義憤 踊りで纏めてアナタにあげる 後ろの扉に気付かないのね 罵詈雑言吐く有象無象は アナタが倒れりゃ興味は失せる 次なるオモチャを探して解散 この世にはびこる踊り子たちは 表の仮面はいたって普通 ステップひとつで正義の鉄槌 ステップひとつで生殺与奪の舞
The version with singing will be included in the next album.
??? 05:38


From the full-length album of Touhou arrangements scheduled to be released in 2022 or later
This is the second demo version of a full album of Touhou arrangements to be released in 2022 or later, and we have selected three songs in their current form.

It's a small album, with only 2 completed songs and 1 song in progress, but I'm sure you'll be able to press the play button again and again to listen to the many original ideas that the Fallen Warrior has put into the songs.

The artwork that Boss, the guitarist, did for the demo Vol.1 is the same as the one for Vol.1.1.

4月のM3-2021春で「堕武者20周年記念作品 東方アレンジデモ盤Vol.1」を発表するなど、




released October 24, 2021


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